Saturday, 2 May 2015

Translation Migration Part 2

So from today, this translation project will officially be moving to NanoDesu! You might be wondering why, and that's a good question.

First, editing support. Translation really screws with your English. You might be quite capable of forming coherent, grammatically correct English sentences, but all that flies out of the window once the Japanese enters and scrambles your brain. NanoDesu has set me up with a very experienced, professional editor who has a keen eye for many of the mistakes I've made through the process of JP to English.

Second is security. The whole plagiarism thing was quite a scare for me. It really told me how little exposure I had and how susceptible I was to any misdeeds. I'm still free to translate how I want in NanoDesu and I can translate without the pressure of thieves behind my back. So worry not readers!

Last is community! The folks at NanoDesu are a friendly lot and it's good to have the support of many other translators who have been around for awhile. They have forums and irc which I can use to engage with you, the readers in a more active way then simply through comments alone. So I hope to see you there at NanoDesu and please keep supporting me while I translate.

That's all for now!

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